64% of Fortune 1000 IT teams are pivoting to new products and services

Discover what that means for IT and how today's leaders are responding

The 2020 IT Economic Impact Study reveals that the COVID-19 global pandemic has had a substantial impact on Fortune 1000 IT teams. This impact has caused 64% of teams to pivot into new products and services and shift goals and objectives to support remote work and collaboration needs. 

Join us for the first webinar in this series to hear Sean McDermott, CEO of Windward Consulting and RedMonocle and Will Cappelli, CTO of Moogsoft and former Gartner analyst as they discuss the first reveal of the results of the research study. This fireside chat is focused on what these shifts will mean for the industry at large and how IT leaders can accelerate deployment and user adoption for digital transformation during a time of rapid change. 

You’ll discover: 

  • The top priorities for IT leaders over the next 90 days 
  • Where IT leaders are investing in 2020
  • How much revenue and staffing impact is expected in the next 12 months

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About Sean McDermott: 

Sean McDermott is an IT industry pioneer, engineer and consultant who has helped Fortune 1000 IT leaders navigate through massive industry change over the last 23 years. As the CEO of Windward Consulting Group he has created an A-Team the Fortune 1000 relies on to accelerate digital transformation and user adoption. He is also the CEO of RedMonocle, a SaaS platform to help CISO’s and Enterprise Architects understand their technology risks, gaps and overlaps. Previously, Sean was the Founder and CEO of RealOps, Inc., the pioneer in enterprise management Run Book Automation solutions which was acquired by BMC.

About Will Cappelli

Will Cappelli is the Chief Technology Officer Europe and Head of Product Strategy for Moogsoft, an AIOps platform that provides a critical layer of intelligence for automating your end-to-end event to resolution workflow. Will is also the former VP Research at Gartner and has a long standing history of being an important voice and evangelist for industry innovation. He joins us with over 36 years of industry experience as a thought leader, innovator and research analyst.

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